Church Supplies

Church Supplies:
Hackman's has one of the largest selections of church supplies, including choir gowns, in the Lehigh Valley and they have a 400 page catalog to prove it.( Call 1.800.345.1341 to request your church supplies Catalog today!)

Supplies at Hackman's include Bibles and resources for Pastors, adults, youth, children, classroom, bulletin and worship needs.

Hackman's carries clothing for the clergy including robes and stoles and Churchware such as candles, wreaths, vases, altar sets, offering plates, communion cups, chalices, patens and much more.

However, these supplies are not limited to just churches. Hackmans, for example, has gowns for high school choirs, too. As part of their service, the store manager, Richard Schmidt, will go to the church or school to take measurements and insure the proper fit.

For the individual or family, Hackman's also stocks memorial candles for the grave side. It's fairly clear, no matter what the need, for a church or for an individual, Hackman's strives to supply what you need, when you need it.