Recently, we invited our customers to share their thoughts with us... a special memory, a motivating book, a touching card, or a perfect gift. The response was inspiring, encouraging and meaningful as we carry out God's work for us on a daily basis. We've shared some of these messages with you below... we hope they touch your heart too.

Living in Reading, a trip to Hackman's is often the highlight of a Lehigh Valley trip!

–Angela, Reading

Thirty-five years ago, we had our first grandson. I came home from work and my wife said to me. "Look what I bought for him." It was a small lamb that played Jesus Loves Me. That was the start of the family tradition. Since that time, we have purchased fourteen lambs for our grandchildren and four for our great-grandchildren. I lost my wife September 5, 1995. But, I have purchased the last two myself for two great-granddaughters. You keep up the good Hackman's tradition and as long as I'm able, I will keep our family tradition. When I am unable to do so, I know my daughters will do the same.

–Roger, Catasaqua

You've heard people say that when they are at such and such a place it is like being home. It might sound far-fetched, but that is how I feel about Hackman's.

–Thomas, Pottstown

I am one of the former employees of Hackman's Bible Bookstore. I have met so many customers as an employee, as we all did.These customers were like family to us. We hurt when they did; we prayed for many; we rejoiced with them.

–Eleanor, Allentown