This store is wonderful . . .

"This store has been a wonderful part of my life. It was always so good to go there and find the spiritual things I needed, books, Bibles, cards, pictures and soooo much more. Joe and Marcie have always been wonderful to me when I am in the store and the staff is great."
Kathleen B.

The employees are the best!

"I love Hackman's! Been coming here since I was a kid and the Hackman family is always so kind, invests in the community, and they are so generous. And the employees are just the best - they make me feel like family and always go the extra mile."
Amy V.

Always a favorite…

"Hackman's has always been one of my favorite places to shop. Kind, courteous and well informed employees are always a treat when shopping the Holiday season. Their education department is always up to date with Sunday School and VBS materials. "
Deb H.

I love Hackman’s …

"I love Hackman's Christian bookstore I've been shopping there for about 13 years. You feel right at home like part of the family they help you in every which way they can there's even times that they took time out to talk to me I never been to Christian bookstore like this before."
Shawn E.